"YOU FIRST" is how we like to begin our conversations, be it business or personal.

We put YOU on Centerstage!! Ask You a lot of questions, try to understand Your Needs and What You Think makes perfect business sense and Your Expectations from our association. That done, we let you take a breather, gulp a glass of water or down a soda, while we talk to you on how we propose to do what you intend to hire us for! Well, you'd like us to 'Strike the Right Chord' , wouldn't you?

We are a team of professionals that is Customer Centric and Employee Driven. We respect our employees as much as we respect our customers. While our customers keep us in business, our employees keep our customers.

Our core team brings to the table, significant domain experience and expertise and holds a comprehensive understanding of its dynamics, which comes from spending over a decade working with market leaders, shouldering key responsibilities across functions like Business Operations, Client Engagement, Critical Account Management and Quality Assurance.

At Sales Element, we believe that Learning is a never-ending process. And our sustained efforts to working towards doing a better job for our customers, bears testimony to our belief.

The world will probably not wake up to a day when there's scarcity of service providers but what does come scarcely is companies who really understand the business, know their job, are cognizant of the customers' business interests and are willing to go the extra mile to uphold them before their own. In all modesty, Sales Element comes from the scarce supply bucket!

Vision & Mission

Our Vision:

An organisation that is distinguished first for Work Ethic, Credibility & Culture and then for Revenues & Market Share.

Our Mission

To Design and Deploy our expertise to deliver Definitive and Dependable Business Experiences everytime!

How We Do It

We set clear expectations with our customers at inception and choose not to waste time on either side. That said, we also believe in and encourage the 'Ask Questions' practice to ensure everyone involved has perfect clarity and certainty of the road ahead.

We offer an array of services to choose from, for you to decide whats best suited for Your Business Agenda. But regardless of your choice, the output we generate for you will be Relevant, Competitive, Consequential and definitely Worth the Buck!

We place a great degree of conviction in our capabilities, basis which, can assertively guarantee you Cogent, Defined and Sales Ready contact information, everytime. The pinnacle of our efforts will make a remarkable difference in the way you use your Marketing Dollars to enable business outcomes that you desire.

We endeavor to explore, build and nurture long standing business associations with our customers because we very well understand what it takes to come full circle in this process.

Contact Us

First Floor, Majestic Crown, Synagogue Street, Camp, Pune 411001, Maharashtra, India.


India:+91 20 6410 1212

Inside Sales & Enquires: info@sales-element.com