Appointment Garnering

Appointment Setting is a key process in looking for prospective clients & achieving your sales goals. It is of critical importance to reach the right decision makers, by efficiently navigating your way through gatekeepers, who by far are the greatest roadblocks in the process. Effective execution of this initiative calls for cold calling expertise to shortlist, segregate & zero down on your target audience.

Our Appointment Garnering experts possess a clear understanding of the dynamics of B-to-B Appointment Setting. We know that setting appointments with decision makers isn't something that happens on the first call. It is work-in-progress and requires skill, persistence, temperament & intense acumen. Our men on the job follow a methodical, step-by-step approach to the operation, starting from building a pipeline of possible prospects in target accounts, separating the Decision Makers from the Key Influencers/ Recommenders and then qualifying their interest levels.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision:

An organisation that is distinguished first for Work Ethic, Credibility & Culture and then for Revenues & Market Share.

Our Mission

To Design and Deploy our expertise to deliver Definitive and Dependable Business Experiences everytime!

Here's how we approach an appointment setting gig for you:

We dedicate professionals who come with tested cold calling skills & expertise, are committed and have that 'tech-llectual side' to their personality.

We make your product/ service offering our own. Our callers do an indepth study of you company's USP's, products/ solutions and target audiences. They practically become a part of your team.

Our robust appointment setting services allow you quality face time with potential clients with significant prospects of landing a business deal.

We give you regular heads-up on the project through status calls, emails and tracking reports, even before you ask for it.

We endeavor to give you a 'worth the buck' spending experience, by only delivering goods that we'd buy, if we were you.

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