Say Hi to: Saeed Shaikh!

Saeed is a people's man. A genuine liking for human interactions, he tends to know his people as people, not plain employees. He is a natural leader, which comes not just from his knowledge & experience but also because he is unconventional, open-minded and a progressive thinker. Off work, Saeed is a switch personality! His weekend unwind drill; spend good time on the football field to keep fit and get into the 'Party Animal' skin by dusk! He has a penchant for all things color & design and likes to decorate his home tastefully. Your 'go to' guy for fellowship & a great host, it is a pleasure having him around!

Meet: Amit Apte!

Amit is a true blue professional with a fetish for discipline, integrity & ethics at the workplace. He quickly relates with people who are intelligent, sensible & practical. He is a keen observer with a hawk eye ability to spot an error a mile away. So if you are out for dinner with Amit and the food bill is out by a few cents, count on him to pick it up! He is an avid reader & speaking is his stimulus. Off work, Amit is a family man. On weekends, one can either find him reading something or tracking news on TV. He likes to don the apron & cook a meal for family & friends and loves spending time with his lovely daughter. Amit is a meticulous host and tends to 'plan' his parties, giving his guests a 'restaurant like' feel (people who attend his parties will tell).

Enter: Azharuddin Sayyed!

Azhar as we fondly call him, has an eye for detail, is methodical and uncompromising with his work, all credit to his extensive experience in the quality assurance domain. Folks around say he'd probably even apply his Six Sigma methodologies to dish out a simple meal back home! At work or not, he's street smart, likes to stay in the middle of the action and his energy & vibrancy are infectious. He is expressive and one can often see a theatrical touch to conversations that can mesmerize audiences. Azhar is a technology patron and loves cars and fighter planes, but his passion for 'MJ' is unsurpassed!