Data Management Solutions

Why Data Management?

'The only Permanent thing in life, is Change'. This age old phrase is probably the only thing that hasn't changed all these years!

It goes without saying that in the process of continous evolution the target audience of your business is no exception & 'Zeroing Down' on your target is key to determining the fruition of any business promotion activity. You cannot afford to lose time and resources going back and forth on eliminating inaccuracies, which is why it becomes crucial to have the most current and accurate information handy before you decide to go full throttle. A recent Gartner survey confirms about 35% data erosion annually, which means about 3% of existing data reserves rendered obsolete every month.

Cleansed data firmly positions you in the Driver's Seat by enhancing the effectiveness of your sales activity and places you better when you make plans & projections for desired outcomes. Arming your marketing team with a robust contact database facilitates an improved hit rate and a reduced 'cost-per-opportunity', thanks to a faster sales cycle, eventually resulting in a significant spike on your ROI graph.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision:

An organisation that is distinguished first for Work Ethic, Credibility & Culture and then for Revenues & Market Share.

Our Mission

To Design and Deploy our expertise to deliver Definitive and Dependable Business Experiences everytime!

The Benefit Element

Customer Driven Efforts: At Sales Element, the customers' business interests are principally our pivotal focus, which is exactly why we add in the right mix of ingredients to give our customers a worthwhile transactional experience. We work off a dedicated team of professionals that are hand picked to do what they do best. These are people who have seen more than a couple of springs working with the B-To-B/ Lead Generation industry and possess tested expertise at the job.

If you have existing data that needs purging of inaccuracies like bad emails, incomplete/ missing information, duplicates or simply obsolete contact information and/ or if you intend to replenish your existing data reserves to make them squeaky clean & sales-ready, Sales Element has the right expertise to bail you out!

Our Data Management Solutions will get you:

Clean, current, complete & error free set of records delivered to you in a 'ready-to-use' state, enabling you to run greatly personalised demand generation campaigns concurrently.

Targeted, timely and relevant outreach to your prospective customers to revive old relationships and cash in on them to build new ones.

Enhanced data segmentation, allowing you to narrow down on your target audiences by Job Title, Department, Role and Function, giving you definitive and meaningful results.

Data Management Solutions that are customised to specific requirements of your business. Be it anything from data purging, right up to building (to scale) a complete contact database from scratch.

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